W Israel Ashorobi

Evang. W. Israel Ashorobi, is an evangelist, A speaker, Author and founder of HAppyFaith world outreach (A teaching and evangelism outreach ministry) ….taking Jesus to the utter most part of the earth with a mandate of MARK 16 V 15. He believes that whatever is good or bad in this world, always starts on the streets and who are the streets? the young minds , the youth. It’s a fast strategy because the Enemy is building its platform on the youths and young minds, because they spread it faster an also influence others through peer pressure. Once the enemy hits the streets its affects the world the youth and young minds spreads them faster. “If the Gospel can win the streets and the youths there is 95% assurance of the Peace of God all over the word.” A young man who is passionate about Fishing souls for Christ and evangelism especially towards the youths and young minds worldwide , An I.T personnel in Computer engineering and A blogger.