Born and raised in Downriver, MI, Tajhae found journaling at the age 9 to be a healthy outlet for her to identify and explore her emotions. Since then, she created a blog during her freshman year in college called “The Woman Unspoken”. On this blog, she wrote poetry that reflected her experiences with relationships, spirituality, and mental health.

These writings positioned her to become a keynote speaker, receive awards and scholarships, and many praises for her work empowering African-American women and girls. She has also been invited to The White House on several occasions for her humanitarian efforts.

Living in Flint, MI during the flint water crisis, growing an uneasy awareness of police brutality in America, and more universal synchronicities, she embarked on a spiritual journey to her womb. During this time, she discovered a connection between her life’s experiences with abuse, mental illness, and more, as generational trauma. Deciding to break free from the major religions, she began her journey into afro spiritual practices.

In 2018, she successfully published her first book Unspoken Chronicles of a Sidechick: A Poetic Memoir. As it’s success has grown, Tajhae has chosen to recreate her platform, expressing her thoughts on all things self-love as it relates to the black wombman. This space will share thoughts from the creator herself on relationships, mental wellness, spirituality, and personal development. As a call to action, she has also developed a community called, “Self-love for the Black Wombman”

Continuing on her self-love journey, Tajhae wishes you a positive spiritual transformation of your self-love journey and thanks you for allowing her to be apart of it.