Latasha WOP Williams is easiest described as a woman of purpose. To her clients, colleagues and audiences, it is known that when Latasha steps in the room, purpose has shown up! A native of Cleveland, Ohio. Latasha is making a world impact in the entrepreneurial world as well as many faith based platforms. Perhaps Latasha can be best described as a marketplace minister. Her self composed stages and various business opportunities help other to become better and that is indeed ministry! Latasha is business woman who knows how to generate wealth, not just income. Whether it is coaching, speaking, or building her travel club Latasha is always operating in her purpose and empowering others to do the same! She understands that coupled with purpose, is vision and to accommodate the need to for clear vision in your purpose. Latasha is also facilitates vision board training. Ready for purpose, wealth building and vision? Contact Latasha WOP Williams and invite The WOP to your conference, retreat , ministry meeting or boardroom. Her life has qualified her to speak purpose! As Seen On: WOP Conferences, 102 JAMZ Radio, WFMY News 2, SWANK TV, NUMEROUS PODCASTS AND VIRTUAL EVENTS. LaTasha is a WOMAN WHO WINS!!