Christopher Walton, WaltonDynasty Films

Modern, Creative, Sophisticated and Cutting edge are just some of the words best used to describeWaltonDynasty Films' CEO. In just a few short years, Christopher J. Walton, Sr. has taken WaltonDynasty Films from a small start-up company, to a well sought after organization, serving clientele from Miami, FL to across International waters. Displaying his love for all things exotic, Chris pulls his inspiration from his childhood upbringing in Barbados. It was there he began to appreciate the love of nature and experienced life in its complete essence. So when he picked up his first video camera at the age of 16, Chris’ eye for detail, his creativity and artistry kicked in as if it were second nature. Chris is passionate about his company, his work, but most importantly the little moments he’s able to capture on video and offer to his clients.