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The Alopecian's Blue Print To Healthy Hair & Scalp


The Alopecian's Guide "To Wigs & Hair Replacement"


Weave Drs Alopecia Install Course**Bonus Markting and Razor Cut Video!!!!!


1 on 1 Certified Alopecia Hair Replacement Course


How To Make 6 Figures In The Beauty Industry As A Hairstyllist


How To Grow Your Hair Back in 60 Days!!


Eat Healthy And Be Happy Health Bible


About Me

The Transformation from Chelsea Mitchell to the Weave Dr began when she wanted to help her clients become healthy and find ways to regrow their hair back. Chelsea has been studying herbs since she was 19 years old.   Chelsea is a licensed cosmetologists and cosmetology instructor , who became a Tricologist and Holistic Practioner during the Pandemic.  Chelsea has been going on her own health journey and has been learning about alternative medicine for the last  7 years.  She learned from her own personal experience with environmental allergies; the importancy of keeping a healthy  diet.  She layer found out how important it is to use organic and natural hair care products. Chelsea then began formulating even more products that would her and her hair loss clients regrpw their hair back. The Weave  Dr AkA Chelsea began using the products on herself and her clients she saw that her results were better than the store bought products. Many of her client’s hair began to thrive who had not experienced new hair growth in over 10 years.  Finally, it was conclusive that the formula worked and that it was time to start production, but the marketing strategy was placed on hold due to other obligations and analysis paralysis. .  Five years later the pandemic struck and Mane Attraction’s was faced with the dilemma of adding another layer to the business to offset the shut down and  new government regulations.  Moreover, the Weave Dr’s. survival skills emerged and in order to meet the challenge a launch of a complete product line would be necessary.  The path of perseverance allowed her to meet her goals and created another source of income and she is now striving to distribute her products throughout the U.S. A., and the DMV Metro area.  The best is yet to come from the Weave Dr.'s Apothecary. The Weave Dr also became a certified and trichologist and Full Holistic Health Practitioner for MIneral Balancing Science. She is now officially the Weave Dr. She loves to make all natural and organic supplements . She also plans to educate her clients and fans on Hair replacement  healthly hair and nutrition.