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About Me

Your Wellness is Worth It.

As a holistic health coach + private yoga instructor based in Downtown San Diego, I thrive by showing my clients their wellness is worth it. 

After hosting a Los Angeles-based outdoor yoga class for women in 2017, I realized the wellness community was missing a private yoga instructor and holistic health coach. A Sacramento native, I decided that I needed to start my goals in her my new hometown of San Diego. 

I moved to San Diego in early 2018 to reach my community locally and quickly redirected my mission to teach health coaching programs, yoga classes, and nutrition workshops both in-person and online. 

As a result, I've secured my spot in local publications such as the SD VoyagerShoutout Socal, + more!

15 Minute Moon Cycle Flow | Wellness With Lele

Put on your cutest workout set, fill up your favorite water bottle, and join me in my gentle yoga session to alleviate menstrual cycle symptoms with my 15 Minute Moon Cycle Flow 🤍

5 Minute Full Moon Meditation | Wellness With Lele

Heat up your tea kettle, roll out your yoga mat, + join me in my soothing mantra to help alleviate moon cycle symptoms with my 5 Minute Full Moon Meditation 🤍