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About Me

My name is Cameshia K. Dempsey and I am the Founder of X-QUISITE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LLC in Florida. Also the Author of THE KEYS TO HAVING AN X-QUISITE LIFESTYLE DIY CREDIT REPAIR BLUEPRINT. I am a board-certified Credit Score Improvement Specialist. Am a southern bell who's committed to helping consumers get on track with personal or business credit.

My journey to bad credit started when I was 18. Like many others, I didn't know anything about credit or how important having a good credit foundation was. So I applied for many credit cards and was approved then the shopping begin. Before I knew it I had maxed out all my credit cards totaling over $8,000 in debt. Over the years I suffered from having bad credit I had a hard time getting approved for an apartment. I couldn't get my dream car from a major car dealership because I had ruined my credit and I needed a co-signer. So off I went to a buy here pay here car lot to get a car, I had to put a large down payment because of my bad credit. But it didn't stop there I lost my job. I was 90 days late on a medical bill, 60 days late on my student loan, and 30 days late on my car note and credit cards. On top of all the debt pilling up my car was repossessed. I said enough is enough I decided to get my finances in order, I pulled my credit reports and my credit scores. My credit score was 520 TransUnion 489 Equifax and 430 Experian. My first course of action was to get current on my delinquent bills. So I set up auto-pay on my loan and card payments so I will never miss another bill, and in nine months my credit score was up to 660. These days, it's 755.

Paying your bills on time accounts for 35 percent of your credit score. It's the single biggest factor in determining the number you receive. As long as you pay your bills on or before the due date, your score will improve. Having a bad credit score isn't the end of the world. You can easily take steps to improve your credit, all you need is a plan.

For more information: Cameshia K. Dempsey PH: 1-850-713-5068 Website: