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CALM SCHOOL™ Digital Download Toolkit for Educators (K-5)


Student SEL-utions©: 12 SEL-themed activity worksheets for K-5


mindful minis© series (K-5): "7 STAY COOL TOOLS for HOME & SCHOOL" (videos)


C.A.L.M SCHOOL© "The ABCs of C.A.L.M for the Classroom" Digital Download Card Deck


The SEL(f) CHECK DECK©: 3 Steps to SEL for Children (ages 5+) Digital Download Deck


RE-MIND: 3 Steps to Mindfulness for Children Digital Download Card Deck


SEL-MOVE-MIND: 3 Steps to SEL(f)-Regulation in the Classroom Digital Download Card Deck


Body Scan Meditation (audio)


Self Connection Meditation (audio)


The "I AM" Meditation (audio)


Mindful Minutes with Miss Amy- Meditation Bundle (3 audio meditations)






Y2G Webinar: YOGA TOOLS for TOTS: Mindful Movement for Early Childhood (1 hr.)


About Miss Amy

Hello, Friends!

My name is Amy M. Starkey, founder of YOGA-2-GO, LLC, a children's yoga + mindfulness organization that has been providing yoga programming to schools, youth organizations and families since 2007!

I have over 20 years of experience in pediatric occupational therapy and children's yoga...working with school-aged children to help them grow, learn and succeed is truly my life purpose!

Through my work as a school-based occupational therapy assistant and trauma-informed children's yoga specialist, I provide my clients and students with tools.....

Tools they can use to empower themselves...

Tools that help them 'build' skills such as self-control, focus, self-awareness, resiliency, attention, understanding, confidence, mental health, social skills and more!

It is with great pleasure that I have now made these tools available for YOU!

I've created several digital download video kits, video libraries and educational games to offer teachers and parents, sharing decades of experience and expertise for you to learn and apply in your own home or classroom setting!

I hope you and the special children in your life will enjoy them!

Much Love,

Miss Amy