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What you Should Know after 9 years Widowed!


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Proven Confessions for a Positive Mindset


The Covenant Marriage and Benefits


Walking out of Widowhood


About Me am a mother of two daughters,a Mental Health professional,Podcaster,Blogger and Coach Consultant.

I was widowed just under 7 years ago,therefore the reason i have produced this book.The book aims to uncover widow recovery secrets that will result in the reader moving on to a new relationship.

I will be Coaching on widow recovery  secrets on various Social Media platforms in the nearest future.
 I have worked for over 25 years solving challenging problems for groups/organisations and individuals.In areas of personal crisis,family crisis,emotional upheavals,effects of environmental disasters and relationship success/growth. My hobbies are playing squash,walking,swimming and travelling.

I belief there is no Hopeless situation or experience that one can not recover from - with Faith and impactful support.