Ability Therapy Specialists focuses premier world class services through direct consultancy expertise, making available and accessible what is normally exclusive and out of reach. We offer consultative services and therapeutic methods based in integrative holistic ecological and person centred approaches to individuals, couples, families, and corporate bodies primarily online and via distance. We are based in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. Our Objects Based in the Integrative Psychotherapeutic Sciences we provide evidenced based practice to assist individuals, couples, families, and corporate communities through applied advanced holistic and ecological methods Acknowledging how spirituality is central and vital to human development and advancement we actively engage and draw forward the traditions and heritage of western Christian mysticism in holistic and ecological therapeutic methods to assist in the learning, healing, and growth of individuals, couples, families, and communities We endeavor to contribute to emerging theory and practice in Catholic Counselling Psychotherapy and not withstanding our independence and work in other fields of practice we offer respect to the Bishop of Rome and to all Roman Catholic bishops and their people Addressing the great challenges of chronic anxiety and unmitigated stress within modern cultures, we draw attention to the longstanding proven benefits of contemplative life and mindfulness practice while seeking to advance the application of holistic therapeutic methods for the health, balance, and transformation of humanity Our Values Therapy seeks to support you in… How you make meaning in everyday life within your deepest values Raising questions of value and purpose that speak to life’s deeper meanings Living your truth in pathways of learning, growth, and practice Forming your life around central holistic values, giving purpose and direction How you enable change, healing, development, and transformation in your life with a therapist-helper Addressing issues and patterns, setting goals, moving forward, and gaining vital self-knowledge and the capacity to change and to accept what you cannot change with grace in the presence of another Real life experience, knowledge, understanding, growth, practice in wisdom Forming your life, family, and society around values, purposes, and movements with transcendent ends – i.e. that include ethical, moral, and spiritual values beyond personal gain and self-development