I have been a neurologist since 1975 and have been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis ever since. I specialized in Multiple Sclerosis and whiplash syndrome. The causes of these two neurological conditions have not been clearly identified, and as yet, there are really no effective rational therapies that have been designed for these diseases. In my clinical practice, due to the many experiences with my MS patients and many years spent providing medical care, I have invested considerable time into the study of Multiple Sclerosis. I have become a specialist for Multiple Sclerosis patients in the Netherlands and beyond. Currently, I am retired and have a busy social life and many activities, like painting modern and old style paintings from Monet to old Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. But my passion to help people, especially those with Multiple Sclerosis, is still burning. Patients, friends and relatives have told me that my theory about the cause of MS and the treatments for it should not go to waste due to my retirement. Therfore I wrote this ebook consult and I hope to help as many MS patients and their loved ones as possible through this rational theory & therapy about the 3 factors that cause MS.