Abstract Doodles

I am a doodler that has had a pen in her hand since I was big enough to hold one. If it could be written on, it was. Much to my mothers dismay. I later learned to keep my drawing to paper and eventually I started to save my doodles. I have quite a collection. At a low point in my life I spent a lot on time drawing to keep my mind clear, yes, clear. One of my drawings was something that a friend and her daughter saw and almost at the same time they said they wished that I hadn't colored it. They wished that I had left it black and white so they could have made a copy of it first so they could have colored it too. This is where the coloring book idea sparked. I then took my low point in my life and made it into a positive. I had help, lots of help!! It wasn't over night and it took a cheerleader with skills, patience, love and a will to get me there to get me to this point. I am still learning everyday to do the business side of this but the art, it flows. It is me. It is my mind on paper and I enjoy sharing that with you. I hope that I can give you something to to spark your imagination, give you peace and joy. In this plugged in world, I hope that my books and packs of drawings can help you unplug and get your artist on.