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piggy's colouring pack


piggy's element 3D settings


piggy's panning pack


piggy's random effects pack


piggy's roblox editing pack


piggy's roblox shaders


piggy's shake pack


piggy's text effects pack


piggy's velocity editing pack



What app can I use these editing presets on?

All of these presets will only work in Adobe After Effects.

How do I apply the presets to my video?

To be able to use my presets in your after effects you must download them and then in you after effects at the top of your screen click animation and then apply animation preset and select the preset you'd like to apply.

What shall I do if the presets aren't working?

If you have any issues you can send me a dm on discord (piggy#9999) or you can send me a dm on tiktok (aepiggy)