Akagha Joseph Okechukwu

Joseph Akagha is a former Roman Catholic Priest aspirant, and had his early formation under the Spiritans Order of the Roman Catholic Priesthood, as well as in other Congregations of the Catholic Priesthood, where he was specially trained in Latin, Philosophy and logic. After his exit from the Priesthood career, he further studied at the University of Lagos in Nigeria, where he obtained the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Economics and political Science. He also holds a Postgraduate degree in Political Economy, and served as a Socio-Economist for the Federal Government of Nigeria’s NALDA project for many years. Apart from this his current publication, he has also authored and edited several books. 
Though he is an accomplished writer, he also works in diverse fields. He is the founder/Editor-in-Chief of Banjul Weekend Magazine, which he founded in the year 2007. He was also the Business Development Consultant/Consulting Editor of Sports Digest Newspaper, Business Digest Newspaper and the Sports View Newspaper. He was a Special Editor of the Marketplace Business Magazine. More than these professional achievements, Joseph Akagha is also the author of numerous books such as the; ‘An Anatomy of the Heroism of A First Woman’; Living A Dream to Change the World (which are yet to be released). He also authored ‘Nigeria’s Messiahs (Chronicle of 100 Amazing Achievements of Jonathan-Sambo Administration in Nigeria).