Amy L Clow

Amy has been a massage therapist since 2000. She is an information junky. Her dream is to be able to download the library into her brain, but recently she has discovered that what she loves most is to share the information she has acquired with as many people as possible. Mostly drawn to topics she sees as moving her forward toward a better, happier, healthier, more relaxed version of herself, she is interested in helping people simplify everything we have made so complicated. What should we eat? How can we lose weight in a healthy way? How can we get out of a rut? How can we de-stress? What do we do about all the people in our lives who seem to suck? How can we start being more positive? She's interested in empowering other people to become better versions of themselves if that's what they are interested in. The information she has accumulated and will share with you may help accomplish these various goals.