Allotment Junkie

Have you ‘Lost the Plot’, are you allotment mad; crazy about growing your own… Starting a new allotment or do you have green fingers? Self-published not for profit by Allotment Junkie – to inspire and motivate… #allotmentjunkie – Join the Revolution

‘Lost the Plot’ Published by Allotment Junkie – if you love spending time on your allotment or ‘Grow Your Own’, we’re sure you’ll love this inspirational allotment guide… full of allotment tips, allotment advice and a fantastic reference point if you’re new to allotments, starting a new allotment or just looking for allotment ideas… Its been four years in the development, two years in the writing, 172 pages…

Getting your first allotment is an exciting time – full of promise, summer days picking fresh strawberries grown by your own fair hand. Lazy days sitting by the shed with a cuppa, maybe a cold beer or chilled glass of Chardonnay – STRESS FREE. Delightful!

My aim is to help you achieve this vision of utopia and this book series may just be the key to help you unlock the gate, take one giant step onto your new plot and have the confidence and tools to help you understand what working the land actually entails. If you factor in the hard work and effort plus a few cold wet days, you’ll be under no illusion that it takes dedication on your part. But with this dedication not only comes the fruit of your labour, but the health benefits associated with just being outdoors come rain or shine.

The feel-good factor that comes with growing and nurturing your own food is intoxicating, especially if it’s for the wider family. That’s probably why we all become allotment junkies.

If you have an allotment or are an aspiring veg grower, this book series can be the seed to your success…