Mike Kingsley has traveled across 45 states praying for America and many different cities, sharing with pastors and leaders and fathers and mothers with children about the importance of prayer and God transforming this Nation. The vision began in 2008 when Mike Kingsley felt a burden to call America to pray for an uncommon prayer for deliverance from the attack the enemy is bringing on this nation by conducting hundreds of intercessory prayer conferences and prayer vigils worldwide. He has brought together a team of leaders and pastors who have experienced transformation in their communities ,cities and nations to bring the project to life Now comes a film to shift the spiritual landscape and encourage pastors and leaders in America that the body of Christ hasn’t yet lost the battle to take back America and put it back into God’s hands. As a center for world missions and thousands of missionaries around the world, America stands at a pivotal moment in history to either choose to trust God or man’s system. This film is a direct call with strategies of what it is going to take to get America back to God.