Amihan M Parinas

I am a versatile businesswoman, gained different experiences, and will never stop to achieve my dreams...

I am a trained Customer Service Representative with more than 3 years of experience in the BPO industry. When I got pregnant in 2011, I started a small business selling different items online that lasted for 5 years. That’s where I applied the training I had upon studying Entrepreneurship. Bookkeeping, using spreadsheets, became a very useful tool in monitoring my finances and products; while my social media accounts were my tools to market it. I also had an opportunity to train a number of re-sellers who also aspire to earn online while they’re at home. Recently, I worked as a Part-time Virtual Assistant and a Bookkeeper on a US-based company. I handled calls, chats, and emails of our clients and the nurses who are working with us. I also did the cash flow and income statement of the company. I also had other special tasks such as e-commerce (specifically Shopify), marketing, cold calling, lead generation, recruitment, appointment setting, etc.

With the different fields of work experiences that I had, I have gained the strength and advantage of becoming so flexible in working with different people, leaving them satisfaction and success. I am a single mother of two, with a full determination to become efficient in any of my responsibilities.