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About Me

Life is already the hardest it can be, so Anita Dixon loves to escape into the fictional worlds she creates. With new books always in the making, she invites her readers to join her in her escape. Her passion for writing dates back to her childhood when she would copy her favorite books word for word and staple the pages together.

Although her greatest inspiration stems from her ability to create worlds where she can be in total control, she will always fondly remember the inspirational words of her 7th-grade teacher: 'you have a way with words, and one day it will make you famous'.

Her debut novel 'Death the Side-Chick' was charted as #3 in the top ten Amazon releases in Urban Fiction on June 30, 2017. Anita explores diverse genres besides Urban Fiction and even writes outside the scope of fiction. Another amazing milestone in her career occurred when she released ‘Crossing the Line’ which charted at #1 New Release in the top ten Amazon releases on June 8, 2018.

The pinnacle of her career was the debut of her publishing company Phoenix Publishing House! Her passion is expressed with every novice self-publishing author who crosses paths with her. Her company offers quality affordable options for the self-published author.

She currently lives in Lufkin, Texas, with her family and works as a financial counselor at a major hospital.

    Feel free to connect with her via:



            Facebook: Author Anita Dixon

            Instagram: @official_anitadixon