Annie's Champs

I learned at a young age that honesty is the price of compassion, so honestly--I am not the most afflicted. I am not the most deserving, but I need your help and as much as I can get.  At five years old I began experiencing neurological symptoms:  I lost my vision, I couldn't walk, and had a fever for forty days.  About a year in, I was skeptically diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis  (MS = brain scars) which is incredibly rare for someone so young.  MS has been the working diagnosis for the past fifteen years and every doctor I've ever met protest its inaccuracy.   What I've learned is they don't know and I'm not interested in what traditional medical science offers,  but there's so much I need strength to do--strength my body doesn't have on it's own, so you're invited.  You're invited to my life: to laugh with me and cry with me; to sing and dance and dream with me; to sit and wait and pray with me;and to listen and to learn with me. Be my champion. I will contribute what I have strength to do with hope that you will too. ***all proceeds fund ms.annegirl's medical expenses and the manufacturing and distribution of supplement(s) for people like herself***