A Prayer for the Wounded

I am a screenwriter and poet. I have written for film and television and wrote books of poetry, numerous essays and conducted investigative reports. In the midst of a heavy workload, in 2004 I needed to take time to write a story about my journey through an abusive relationship. This honest account of my journey became the basis for a self-help book, “A Prayer for the Wounded” is targeted to women, teenagers and men. My book is written in a simple to understand style for those who are suffering post traumatic stress disorder which leaves the victim with many debilitating symptoms including lack of concentration. “A Prayer for the Wounded” is a true story about my journey out of abuse with a man whom not only was a Hollywood actor but also had ties into the underworld. My books intent is to empower the abused, disarm and awaken the abuser in a story atmosphere. The online version of the book was downloaded by thousands of abuse victims all over the world. From New Zealand to Bulgaria women and men were helped by the simple and empowering message of the book. I have been encouraged to translate “A Prayer for the Wounded” in different languages and it is my hope, that the healing message of the book will span the globe. I received thousands of emails from around the world, many mention that "A Prayer for the Wounded" will end up in history as a timeless book, similar to "You can heal your life" by Louse Hayes (1984).