othman elhadri

It is impossible to think of Morocco without remembering those delicious Tajines made all over the country, with their special spices and flavors unique in the entire world. Ismail Nessis is a young Moroccan who has had the chance to learn the traditional Moroccan recipe of the Tajine directly from his mother and grandmother, both experts cooks. Ismail has a bachelor degree on application programming and has been working in this field over the last four years, but his hobby and passion have always been the Moroccan culture and the Moroccan traditional food, ever since he was a young boy. Ismail, a very friendly and easy going man has established relationships with people from all the corners of the world, and many of them advise him to open up a course on how to prepare the traditional Tajine, not only because of the quality of his dish but also because of the clarity in his talk and the ability to teach and share with others in English. Ismail considers the Tajine a form of art, starting from the mud vessel itself to the point of eating what it contains, an art which requires patience, dedication and love. With this course you will learn step by step how to cook a Moroccan Tajine right in your kitchen, and feel yourself as if you were back in your beloved Morocco. " Art of Cooking in Morocco"