Dr. Asha Prasad

Asha Prasad BSPH DC is an alumnus of UNC-Chapel Hill and Life Chiropractic University. Having had the experience of growing up with 2 cultures, Dr. Asha has been able to integrate eastern and western philosophies and practices in a very unique way of teaching, learning and living. This integration also lends itself to her professional life with her extensive training and background in both the medical field emphasizing holistic chiropractic care and nutrition. Through various travels and experience, Dr. Asha continues to strive to absorb the most from here surroundings and in turn share her experiences in the hopes of enlightening and teaching all involved. She has learned to take this diversity and express it through her various passions such as providing wellness chiropractic care, consulting, writing, as well as collaboration with like minded individuals and organizations which inspire the betterment of the global community. Her ability to connect people no matter what the avenue is her passion and one of her contributions to society.