Ashleigh Wempe Knitting Patterns and Resources

Hey there! I’m Ashleigh, the mastermind (hm…that might be too strong, but I’ll go with it!), behind Wanderlust Fiber Arts.

When I’m not chasing my three-year-old, sipping coffee that has been reheated in the microwave twelve times, or going for a quick run, you’ll find me knitting a new shawl or dreaming about traveling (even if that means I’m day dreaming during my real day job!).

I traveled a bunch over the years, through South America and Asia (go to PERU if you ever get the chance!) — so most of my designs are inspired by somewhere I’ve traveled to.

I love BOLD colors and mosaic (aka slip stitch) colorwork — so if that is what you like too, you’ve come to the right place!

Reach out to me (I’m SERIOUS!) if you ever have a problem with any of my patterns, if you are another creative who wants to collaborate, you want travel advice, or if you just want to say “Hi!”

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p.p.s. I know some of my pattern photos are sideways on here -- I'm working on it :-)