My name is Osby Isibor, a business coach for beginning and budding infopreneurs.

I help people who want to share their knowledge and teach their skills to others build income that supports their ideal lifestyle.

My business model of choice is “Infopreneurship”. Through my books (eBooks), blog, courses and coaching programs, I help individuals launch profitable online enterprises as “Infopreneurs”: respected experts in their fields creating value and generating income by sharing their knowledge, life experience and passions with others in a manner that supports their ideal lifestyle.

 I have coached many of my clients/students, mentored them and helped them create a profitable online business using the power of information and content.

With my 5+ years of experience creating and selling digital information products online, I analyze and break-down how digital creators and infopreneurs struggle with monetizing their digital content, an issue that affects all content creators.

I help them identify their challenges, and help them create a solution custom-made for their specific needs. And that is why I created the Infopreneur Business School to provide Content, Training and Community to help YOU take YOUR online info business to the next level.

I’m passionate about helping people from all walks of life and business launch a successful infopreneur business. I look forward to helping you discover - and put to good use - the power of digital information products and online courses.