Barbara Lois Hurt

Hi there! My name is Barbara Lois Hurt. I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., and was educated at Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA., where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Furthering my education, I frequented a year of studies at the Illinois Rosary College of Fine Arts (Master's Program) in Florence, Italy (Villa Schifanoia). I also attended Demetrio Casile's Art Studio (Master Classes) here in Bologna. Since 2010 I have been teaching Art at the International Kinder College Middle School in Bologna. In the meantime, I enjoy writing, oil painting, singing Opera, and participating in various Art exhibitions, concerts and competitions. I have collaborated with Wall Street International Magazine (, writing children's stories both in English and Italian, which has been a pleasure. In 2010-2011, I self-published my first four books: Dragons and Dragoons, Catherine, The Great Tree of Milden Worf, and Razmus and Juniper. I hope those who have read these books will also enjoy them in a new format. However, I welcome and hope the general public will continue to read my stories that I have loved creating. For new readers that are buying my ebooks for the first time, use of a coupon is available at 25% off on the second ebook, that its price must be lower than the first purchase. Coupon code: QGOT479143.