Laura McCalla Fitness And Wellbeing- Women's Coach And Health Advocate

I have been working within the fitness industry going on 6 years and am continually motivated to do the best by clients and all those who are looking to feel great and follow the path to good health and wellness! ​ Long before i truly knew or cared about health, fitness and how good it makes you feel, i was a very self conscious teenager with some pretty disordered eating habits. I played sport and kept relatively active but i was either addicted to sugar or frightened of fat. ​ A few years ago i was a completely different person both physically and mentally, some relationship hardships left me feeling very stressed out, drained and i lost just under half my body weight. Very vulnerable and at probably the lowest rock bottom I've ever been, i wanted change. I wanted to feel like myself again, i wanted to feel strong and able again, i wanted my life and energy back again. ​ I also know what it's like to struggle with hormone imbalance issue's as a woman, and our very stressed out lifestyles that contribute to burnout and anxiety. ​ I feel like this is where my passion for health and wellness really ignited.. After spending a lot of time on study and research to find the best possible ways to create a very holistic and balanced approach to nutritional health and fitness; I have found what works for me and my aim is to help motivate and inspire others to find that balance for themselves. Understanding that everybody is different, there is no one size fits all approach to health! ​ I believe in living a life that makes you excited and full of energy, and i feel that is achieved by listening to your body, keeping it well and creating good habits that last!