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Lose Weight Get a Sexy & Hot Body Subliminal | Affirmation

🎧 Listen to the Audio at Night During Sleeping for FAST & BEST Results, you don't need to be awake, your Subconcious will absorb all the affirmatons.

🔴At Day, let the audio with the subliminal messages play at least 30 min per day. You can be sure that your subconscious mind will capture ALL of the suggestions and affirmations that are being said. Achieve all of your goals, faster and easier than you can even imagine!

⚠️ Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

Affirmations Benefits:

- Lose 10 000 pounds every second - Lose weight in your entire body & face - Lose weight everywhere - Extreme fat burn until your desired body - Rapid fat burn - Incredibly fast metabolism - Ultimate rapid digestion system - Perfect desires weight forever - Stay the same weight regardless everything you consume - Healthy body and mind - Constantly fat cell burning - All body features getting toned - Entire body toned (arms, legs, belly, back, cheeks, etc) - Get rid of excess of fat - Get rid of stretch marks - Extreme tight & firm skin - Ultimate elastic skin - Healthy flawless skin - Perfect healthy organs that helps for weight lose - Burn 7 000 calories/second - Each water drop you drink burn 1000 pounds of fat - Each breathe burn 1000 calories - Each heartbeat boost your metabolism - Lose weight overnight 100 times faster - Get rid of anxiety & emotional eating - Get rid of bing eating & cravings (junk food, sugar...) - Follow a healthy diet - Healthy food tastes extremely good - Smaller appetite, get full quick - Develop a strong willpower - Motivated to workout, love working out - Healthy routine that keeps you energized - Lose weight in real life every second - See your complete results in reality, pictures & videos - You and everybody sees your results - People love your results - People compliment you - When you put your clothes, you see very noticeable changes - Clothes looks very oversize on you - Gain higher self esteem & good confidence - Love and respect yourself

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$ 1.49

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