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Scale Fluency - Major Scale Modes

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Scale Fluency – Major Scale Modes will give you the complete picture for any major scale mode in any key across the entire guitar neck. In essence, it’s a practice method that ties all those loose ends together that you may have picked up from other scale systems such as the CAGED and 3NPS approaches. It will also bring to life any scale theory you’ve learned as you’ll start to see the big picture, rather than unrelated bits of information that lead to many gray areas on the neck.

Scale Fluency is more than a set of patterns, it’s the most thorough scales practice method out there as we cover the neck both horizontally and vertically, leaving no stone unturned. All you need do is practice these patterns on a daily basis and watch the neck gradually open up for you.

There’s no magic bullet in this book, just a solid scales method that will do wonders for your playing if you commit to it for at least 90 days. And if you commit to it for longer, you’ll develop the ability to solo effortlessly in all 12 keys, using any mode, as well as laying a solid foundation for learning any other scale and its modes.
You will get a PDF (9MB) file
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