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Lolo Crutching the Campus in Short Shorts & the Stadium in a Sundress with Cast Talk (HD 1280x720)

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Sexy, Leggy Lolo crutches around campus and demonstrating her flexibility on and off sticks as she scoots up and down wall partitions and railings she can rest and prop her leg up on as well as stairs. She also discusses her experiences in this one. You'll notice she prefers to swing her long casted leg far in front of her as she crutches. Model pretty Lolo has had a few weeks to get used to her cast and as she crutches around the stadium enjoying a sun-filled day in a pretty dress. She certainly has a lot to say about her casted condition and what she misses being casted. She needs to prop her cast up and rest her long stiff casted leg often. There are also some nice closeups of her long pretty toes.

LENGTH: 18 Mins
SIZE: 809 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1280x720
UPDATE: 10/18/21
You will get a AVI (808MB) file

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