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Value Pack - Urban Operations

Urban Operations Value Pack Bundle brought to you by TM Publications.

  • 3 Training Course Collection
  • 1009 Pages
  • 3 Training Manuals
  • 37 Chapters

Urban Operations Training Course

Training Manual 1 - Urban Operations (333 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Urban Outlook
Chapter 2 - Urban Environment
Chapter 3 - Urban Threat
Chapter 4 - Contemplating Urban Operations
Chapter 5 - Foundations for Urban Operations
Chapter 6 - Urban Offensive Operations
Chapter 7 - Urban Defensive Operations
Chapter 8 - Urban Stability Operations and Support Operations
Chapter 9 - Urban Combat Service Support
Appendix A - Siege of Beirut: An Illustration of the Fundamentals of Urban Operations
Appendix B - Urban Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
Appendix C - Operations in Somalia: Applying the Urban Operational Framework toSupport and Stability
Appendix D - Joint and Multinational Urban Operations

Training Manual 2 - Urban Operations Training (147 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Urban Assault Course
Chapter 3 - Shoot House
Chapter 4 - Breach Facility
Chapter 5 - Combined Arms Collective Training Facility
Appendix A - Training Tips
Appendix B - Unit Training Matrix
Appendix C - Stability And Support Operations Unit Training Matrix
Appendix D - Demolition Effects Simulators For The Urban Assault Course, Shoot House, and Combinedarms Collective Training Facility
Appendix E - Leader Development Training

Combat in Built Up Areas Training Course

Training Manual - Combat in Built Up Areas (214 Pages)

Lesson 1 - Principles Of Combat In Built-up Areas

Part A - Introduction To Combat In Built-up Areas
Part B - Intelligence Preparation Of The Battlefield
Part C - Offensive Operations
Part D - Defensive Operations

Lesson 2 - Combat Techniques In Built-up Areas

Part A - Fundamental Combat Skills In A Built-up Area.
Part B - Employment And Effects Of Weapons In Built-up Areas
Part C - Mout Techniques

Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain Training Course

Training Manual - Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (365 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Modern Urban Warfare
Chapter 2 - Offensive Operations
Chapter 3 - Defensive Operations
Chapter 4 - Combat Support
Chapter 5 - Combat Service Support and Legal Aspects of Combat
Chapter 6 - Moncombatant Considerations in Urban Operations
Chapter 7 - The Urban Environment and Restrictions to Operations
Appendix A - Organization for Urban Combat and Fundamental Combat Skills
Appendix B - Employment and Effects of Weapons
Appendix C - Attacking and Clearing Buildings
Appendix D - Fighting Positions
Appendix E - Subterranean Operations
Appendix F - Obstacles, Mines, and Demolitions
Appendix G - Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Considerations
Appendix H - MOUT Under Limited - Visibility Conditions
Appendix I - Urban Building Analysis
Appendix J - Lessons Learned from Russia Military Operations in Chechnya 1994-1996

This download is provided as a Windows Executable exe file. You can install the training course onto your Windows computer with full access from your Start menu. This training course is self opening so you do not need any additional software to view the contents. This download is compatible with all versions of Windows since Windows XP.

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