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Timelapse - A Psychological Thriller!

Our maps are wrong. And have been for centuries

Jerome is a tour guide in Madrid, spending his days exploring museums and interpreting mystical symbols. When he uncovers an ancient conspiracy hidden by occult mapmakers running the world, Jerome becomes a target.

An attack from assassins has left his memories fragmented, but he maintains the skills to decipher a labyrinth of clues in Madrid, to uncover a weapon powerful enough to sink everyone into an alternate reality. A weapon with a code only Danielle knows. A cunning researcher who has attracted the attention of secret agents, becoming the centre of a violent manhunt. 

As the puzzle comes together, they both realize a startling fact: our maps are wrong. 

What if an occult society of mapmakers are hiding where you really live?

In the last few centuries our whole world has been in an alternate reality, controlled by an enemy that is as old as history itself. 

And with their new weapon, sketching deceptive world maps & hidding massive land masses is old school. 

They’re now redefining science & the fabric of life.


Are Danielle’s kick-ass moves and Jerome’s vision enough to stop the elite from their sinister plans? Read Now to find out!

Inception meets the Matrix in this fast-paced conspiracy thriller as Douglas takes you down a deep and frightening rabbit hole. With multiple plot twists and earth-shattering facts, you will see why Timelapse may just be the most controversial novel since the Da Vinci Code.

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Praise for Timelapse:

i wont give you no details because that ruins everything just buy it relax and excite yourself because it really makes you feel like this is you and your gonna love it

very exciting when you start to read it you can not put it down it keeps your mind guessing and wondering ,i found it to be one of the most exciting books yet and its one i will read over and over, i wont give you no details because that ruins everything just buy it relax and excite yourself because it really makes you feel like this is you and your gonna love it - Laura Moreland

Exceptionally written
Exceptionally written with intriguing characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and plot twists. Although it isn't my usual genre I found it hard to put down. - Undisclosed Customer

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