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Brutal Honesty

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Earth population chaotic growth rates in numerous countries since 1956, inspired me to review all the effects of human brutality birth out of misery and corruption in poor nations, chronic anxiety and strict entrapment on most of the wealthy terrains.

This world is too far from model republics able to stop the torture of more than five billion voiceless being, who are unnoticed in financial principles, or in any trusted holy legal book, since they all remain rudely restrained inside 196 known countries.

Philosophers describe life as a majestic river, Gurus define rivers as the lifeblood of the oceans, everyone views the seas from different edges, chief regimes warn us to stay on the right side, religions command us to trust the key source only, financiers build dams nearby major fountains, politicians aim to reroute the stream’s direction or open canals at favorable location for the tribes, industrialists usually contaminate the water and the air for free or clean later for costly fee, dealers swap prized data for profit shares, while sober dwellers naturally race to gain the bounty of the estuary.

Perfect solution essence is reality, the truth is what all beings essentially need to live and prosper; an extensive personal health with chances for maximum shared learning facilities, to complete public dignity secured at a reasonable or pliable cost.

We all absorb a lesson of life from hungry stomach with empty wallet, broken heart or tedious frustration, but only the seminars learned with human blood are detected.

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