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Powers of 10 human to universe (english annotations) ultra-high resolution

A poster that can not be missing in the room of every geek. It is a new version (August 2018) of this work that shows the scales from a picnic in Chicago lake to the most giant of our world. In this new version the image is arranged horizontally and I have improved the definition and colors. I hope you enjoy it!

The picnic scene is a rendition to the movie Powers of Ten (1977)

Size: 5932x26955 pixels

Objects of sizes in different order of magnitude. At 10^-32m is thought to exist a foam of twisted spacetime (Quantum foam). 10^-24m cross section radius of 1 MeV neutrinos. 10^-22m Top Quark, the smallest quark. 10^-20m Bottom and Charm quarks. 10^-18m Up and Down quarks. 10^-16m Protons and Neutrons. 10^-14m Electrons and nuclei. 10^-12m Longest wavelength of gamma rays. 10^-11m Radius of hydrogen and helium atom. 10^-10m Radius of carbon atoms. 10^-9m Diameter of the DNA helix. 10^-8m Smallest virus (Porcine circovirus). 10^-7m Largest virus (Megavirus). 10^-6m X Chromosome. 10^-5m Typical size of a red blood cell. 0.1mm Width of human hair. 10mm Width of an adult human finger. 1m Height of an infant human being. 10m Argentinosaurus is the biggest dinosaur discovered yet (30 to 35 meters). Human figure is for comparison. In reality humans and dinosaurs didn’t live at the same time. 1km Diameter of Barringer Crater in the northern Arizona desert (1186m). 100km Jamaica Island (235km long). 10000km Diameter of planet Earth (12,742 km). 10^8m Moon’s orbit (770,000km). 10^9m Diameter of the Sun (1391400km). 10^11m Diameter of the inner Solar System. (600,000,000 km) 10^13m Diameter of the Solar System. 10^15m Outer limit of the Oort Cloud. 10^16m Distance to Alpha Centauri. 10^18m Messier 13 globular cluster. 10^20m Diameter of the Milky Way Galaxy. 10^22m Local Group of galaxies including Milky Way, M31, M33, SMC, LMC and smaller galaxies. 10^23m Typical galaxy cluster (2 to 10 Mpc). 10^24m Laniakea Supercluster of galaxies. (160 Mpc) 10^25m End of Greatness (“Cosmic web” structure). 10^26m Diameter of the observable universe sphere. The entire Universe is larger than 10^27m and possibly infinite.

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