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Spoken English: Flourish Your Language

English is a universal language and it is understood all over the
world. In fact, in today's world speaking English has become a
necessity. It is not only that but today's generation looks down
upon anyone who is unable to speak English. It has become more
like a status symbol. All the companies are recruiting only those
people who speak fluent and correct English. With the coming up
of the call centre and Multinational companies the need for English
language has increased ten folds. With all this, happening
one cannot afford to live without speaking English.
In this book we have tried to do just that and that is to improve
your English speaking skills. This book will help you in speaking
better and correct English. Mter reading this book you will feel
much more confident and better-equipped at speaking English.
The book is divided into chapters and each chapter deals with
different aspects of spoken English. Each chapter is given in a
detailed manner so that you get the full knowledge about the given
The book also contains a chapter on tongue twisters. They will
help you in practicing how to speak English correctly and fluently.
The chapter on slangs is also very interesting because it familiarises
you with the usage of latest way of speaking in the modern world.
The book also has interesting chapters like common errors, which
will help you in avoiding all the mistakes we usually make while
speaking English. All and all, this book is your free ticket to the
world of speaking better and fluent English.
If you're a person whose mother-tongue is not English, the chances
are, you've learnt English in the 'non-natural way'. That is, you've
learnt English in a way that is opposite to the way of natural language
You know, the natural way of acquiring a language is to learn to
speak it first and then to write it.
Those people who do not learn English the natural way, know
reasonable English - or even excellent English. And if you ask
them to write a report or something in English, they may do it
fairly well. But, if you ask them to speak to you about the same
thing, they find it hard to do. Or even impossible.
When they start speaking, most of the words remain on the tip of
their tongue and don't readily come out. And often, what words
do come out sound disconnected and random. And, they find
themselves speaking in a clumsy and unclear way, with long gaps
and intervals of indecision between every two words. And they
keep fumbling for something to say. Not only this, they fmd it
difficult to go on beyond one or two lines, without tripping up
and without stumbling over the sounds or sequences of sounds.
And then, they tend to fall back upon their mother-tongue - or
become tongue-tied. This book will help you to overcome all these
problems and will also help you in developing better speaking

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