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Advance Freemasonry Curse Breaking for a Offering of...

Symptoms of Freemasonry Curse in the family blood line.

  1. Being born with the umbilicalcord warped around the neck.
  2. Breathing problems, choking, and neck afflictions allergic reactions, asthma, emphysema, hayfever, wheezing, and all other breathing problems.
  3. A broken heart and all emotional breakdown.
  4. Curses of bankruptcy over all relationships, partnerships and marriage coming from Freemasonry covenants
  5. Blockage of being healed completely.
  6. Curses over employment and personal relationships for the following:
  7. -losing favor in any area,rejection coming from Freemasonry favoritism,Exile from home, family, job and country.
  8. Humiliation because of oaths and rituals,Takeover spirits in employment, finances and position in the Church because of Freemasonry curses and the resulting pain and humiliation of loss.
  9. The curse of the Freemasonry poor box. giving away my blessings and assets and feeding and giving to people under witchcraft manipulation.




Belt Clasp (S)

Black Case





Medallions & Chains

Sword and Dagger


White Gloves


(Lambskin covering Mason deity

(cutting edge of occult)

(Snake –occult symbol of Satan

(Holds regalia)

(false priesthood)

(Servant's yoke)

(Occult covenant with Lucifer)

(False, faith, hope and charity)

(Yoke of spiritual bondage)

(Power, control & death)

(Symbolic of being born again)

(False clean hands)

Advanced Freemasonry Curse Breaking is a very important tool for those who are or have been involved in Freemasonry.  It will break off any legal rights associated with Freemasonry and set those free who have suffered repercussions from this religion.

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