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BGSMART - Board Game Social Media & Resource Tool

“BGSMART has so much content! The list of hashtags is brilliant and saves me looking them up!” – Aaron Leahy (Preston Gamers Guild - @prestonsgamersguild)

  • Do you know that you can play >6,500 games online?
  • Do you know that there are 100’s of boardgame related Podcasts?
  • Can’t wait to attend a board game convention after lockdown? BGSMART has a link to a master list of conventions that are just waiting for life to get back to normal.
  • BGSMART includes a list of over 4,000 fun or unusual holidays – for example, I have decided that August 9th is LankyGamerUK Day (did you know that anyone can start their own holiday?)

“BGSMART is really easy to use. At £5 this is an absolute bargain!”
– Sally Jones (The Crafting Jones - @thecraftingjones)

There are lots of generic social media calendars on the market, usually selling for about $29. Over 200 hours of work has been spent creating BGSMART. The suggested selling price of £5 is based on a notional pay rate of 2.5p/hr. This is a one-off charge with no additional monthly fees.* (* There will be optional annual updates that would incur a small nominal charge.)

BGSMART, the Board Game Social Media & Resource Tool, has been created specifically for members of the board game community who are involved in social media. BGSMART has been created in Excel to work in a home/office environment on a Personal Computer although there is an unsupported Google Sheets version as well. If you don’t ‘do’ social media then BGSMART may not be for you but over 50% of the content would still be of interest. 

For example, sheets 5, 6 and all of sheets 9 > 28 list literally 1,000s of links to board game related resources. There is also a Favourites Sheet to add your favourite links – BGSMART has so much content you may forget where you found something.

BGSMART has been created in Excel to work in a home/office environment on a PC.

BGSMART includes a suggested daily posting routine but is fully editable. You can easily add, edit and delete links to personalise your copy. One sheet, 18-Online Stores, is very much UK centred but it’s easy to add your own favourites if you live in a different part of the world. 

You can use BGSMART to plan upcoming events and promotions using placeholders in the planner. BGSMART can help you to Identify top-performing content, assess individual posts against relevant metrics, and report on monthly results with ease. BGSMART can help you to improve the performance of scheduled content in your social media calendar.

BGSMART encourages reflection as you browse previous months content to see how far you have progressed. You can also use BGSMART to produce content weeks in advance. You can easily plan a week of social media content in just a few hours or you could just get lost enjoying the massive amount of linked board game content.

You can check your performance and easily produce monthly reports using data from the Analysis tab. BGSMART can facilitate collaboration between team members as they plan, share ideas, and create content together.

There is no correct way to use BGSMART – this is a tool to help users enjoy their board game hobby and create useful and relevant social media content. Use it in the way that best works for you and your team - it is recommended that users simply explore the various sheets and see what they can discover.

Any questions? You can contact Mick Wood via any of the following:
BGSMART has been created in Excel to work in a home/office environment on a PC

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£ 5.00

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