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Harp Sheet Music for lever or pedal harp

Date of first publication online:

January 30, 2021

  • Playable on: Lever harp, Pedal harp, Electric pedal harp, Electroacoustic pedal harp, Electroacoustic lever harp
  • Level of difficulty: intermediate, advanced
  • Key: G major
  • no pedal changes

Pastoral visions (lever/pedal harp)

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Total: 12 pages
Music: 7 pages

“I composed “Pastoral Visions” on the 1st of December 2018 (Romania's National Day), as a tribute to Romania, marking the 100th anniversary of the Union of Transylvania, Basarabia, and Bukovina with the Kingdom of Romania in 1918.
The UNESCO World Heritage List in Romania currently includes 6 cultural sites: painted churches in Moldavia, Horezu Monastery, seven villages with fortified churches in Transylvania, Dacian fortresses in the Orastie Mountains, Historic Center in Sighisoara, and wooden churches in Maramures.
It also includes 2 natural sites: the Danube Delta and the secular and virgin beech forests of the Carpathians and other regions of Europe.It was natural for me to write this musical work thinking about the picturesque landscapes, mountains, rivers, and all-natural monuments of extraordinary beauty, found throughout Romania. Ever since I bought my Celtic harp, I really wanted to be able to play traditional Romanian music on it. The fusion between the sounds of the Celtic harp and the spirit of authentic Romanian music seems fascinating and worthy of deepening.
I am honored that my work was selected and broadcast live in the world's first audition, during the 1st edition of the "World Harp Day" global event, organised by the famous harpist Alexander Boldachev and his team, and streamed online on the 20th of October, 2020.” (Roxana Moișanu)

“Pastoral visions” (lever/pedal harp) is a very nice addition to a recital program for any: harp festival, harp recital, folk music concert, gallery show openings, art exhibitions, theatrical shows, or any special event.

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