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Overcoming Masturbation, Pornography, Sexual Struggle, Addictions & Compulsive Habits

Overcoming Masturbation, Compulsive Habits & Spiritual Weaknesses

There are many Christian adults between the ages of 16 and 55 who are struggling with one compulsive habit or another, especially masturbation.

Many believers are perplexed by this phenomenon and some have given up the struggle, concluding that it is impossible to overcome their weakness.

What is the way out?

Introducing Keys to Purity...

Keys to Purity is an eBook written to enlighten believers on two effective ways to overcome any weakness.

Spiritual weakness due to sinful nature was discovered by all the Apostles of the Lord Jesus; and apostle Paul in particular narrates his own weakness in Romans 7:15-25. But He also writes about his victory in some of his epistles.

There are two sections in the eBook, Keys to Purity.

Section one contains a straightforward explanation on God's provision for believers to break any compulsive habit with a simple, yet effective, spiritual activity. This spiritual activity was the practice of the first century disciples.

The spiritual activity takes about two minutes and can be repeated ten times a day for a cumulative of 20 minutes a day.

The second section contains detailed explanation on private feast.

It is stated in the Old Testament that God gave Israel seven different feasts to commemorate certain landmark events in their history. These feasts are festivals that point back to the past, but when the Lord Jesus came on the scene He instructed His disciples to eat His flesh and drink His blood for a communion with Him (John 6:48-58). This is referred to as Holy Communion.

Sadly, many believers don't know how to use this divine provision to activate God's power for healing, to boost spiritual power, to overcome any form of compulsive habit or weakness.

There are at least seven different ways to prepare and serve Holy Communion. In Keys to Purity the reaader will learn how to overcome any weakness with a combination of simple and effective spiritual activities.

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