Overcoming Masturbation, Pornography, Sexual Struggle, Addictions & Compulsive Habits

by Faithful Joel Publications

Secrets to Purity (eBook)


God has blessed believers in Christ Jesus with a life of victory, power, holiness and uninterrupted fellowship with Him, but flesh is a barrier to the reality and enjoyment of God’s provision for us. The reason God’s power is not manifesting through many believers in Christ is due to flesh (sinful nature).

In the Bible flesh is revealed to consist of three parts: sins, weights, and leaven.

Adultery, fornication, idolatry, witchcraft, theft, lies (to gain undue advantage), etc, refer to the sin part; while uncleanness (Masturbation), talkativeness, gluttony, etc, are weights. Leaven consists of egotism, wrong belief or value system, human wisdom, rivalries, etc. Any of these three dimensions of man’s natural life (Sins, Weights or Leaven) is generally termed ‘flesh’ in the Bible.

However, adultery and fornication are sins with devastating effects on believer’s relationship to God and fellow men, while uncleanness (Masturbation) is a compulsive habit that many believers are struggling to overcome. The percentage of believers who are waging a secret war with uncleanness but without success is unimaginable. Many are crying for freedom and some have thrown in the towel in their struggle, concluding that masturbation (uncleanness) is impossible to overcome. 

On the other hand are believers who hold erroneously that masturbation is natural and necessary for the flesh. To this school of thought, they surmise it is better to masturbate than fornicate or commit adultery.

Any work of the flesh can interrupt fellowship between God and believers. The Holy Spirit in us can be grieved or quenched by flesh, so the effect of sinful nature to a spiritual life can be grave. .

The book, Secrets to Purity, was written to enlighten believers on God’s provision for deliverance from the grip of flesh. God’s response to the flesh as outlined in the Bible remains the only way to true and lasting freedom from sinful nature.

Apart from a possible break in fellowship with God there is another problem that sinful nature constitutes, which is exertion of power on man. Many believers are not well informed of this fact, hence their misguided efforts at subduing the flesh.

So there are two sections in the eBook. The first section higlights God’s method of freedom from the power of sin and sinful nature, while the second section explains the biblical path to supernatural strength.

Secrets to Purity is not only about freedom from uncleanness (Masturbation); the eBook explains how God expects believers to break the hold of any compulsive habit. The reader will read about two effective spiritual activities that are lost on modern day believers.

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