Overcoming Masturbation, Pornography, Sexual Struggle, Addictions & Compulsive Habits

by Faithful Joel Publications

Do you struggle with masturbation, lust, pornography, or any compulsive habit?

Do you want to break the vicious cycle of up-today-down-tomorrow syndrome in your spiritual life?

Please, read on...

There are three dimensions to the flesh, which are sins, weights, and leaven.

Weights are natural impulses that compel humans to act against their will. The believer may be entangled in a web of ungodly activities which, in most cases, may lead to outright sin. Please read Romans 7:15-25.

You cannot enjoy much of God's power without purity or if you are enslaved to any vice or compulsive habit.

If you want to enjoy God's power on a regular basis, you must avail yourself of God's provisions to overcome compulsive habits such as masturbation, pornography, lust, smoking or any addiction in your life.

What is the way out?

To overcome any compulsive habit, the first step is to disarm the flesh with a simple but little known spiritual activity.

This spiritual activity is easy and has a supernatural effect to get rid of any type of inordinate desire.

The exercise takes about two minutes and can be repeated ten times for a cummulative of twenty minutes a day. You will get a noticeable result within a period of thirty days.

The second step is to eat private Holy Communion prepared with unleavened bread. John 6:57.

The Communion is private and can be prepared and served once or twice a week. This private Communion, if prepared and served correctly, will boost your will power for righteous living.

Keys to Purity

Keys to Purity is an ebook written to show interested persons two effective ways (Biblical) to overcome any compulsive behavior.

Stop wasting your time and efforts at overcoming sins or compulsive habits based on rules (dos, dont's or therapy). It is an exercise in futility. 

If you are interested in learning these two effective ways, you should get the ebook - Keys to Purity.

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