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Overcoming Masturbation, Pornography, Sexual Struggle, Addictions OR Compulsive Habits

Sex related vices like masturbation, fornication, adultery, etc, are some of the reasons many Christians are weak and do not have power with God.

A large number of believers between the ages of 16 and 60 are struggling secretly with one sexual sin or compulsive habit.

In their quest to overcome sexual struggle, especially masturbation, some people subject themselves to constant fasting and prayers or therapy and, in some cases, to all manner of other man-made programs, in hope that by so doing, they would experience victory over thei weakness.

Although prayer, combined with fasting, is an important spiritual exercise that can help keep the body in check, but many people soon discover that the effect is not far reaching.

Of all compulsive habits that keep many people bound to sinful nature, masturbation is by far the most common act of impurity. There are two reasons for this assertion.

Reason #1: Masturbation is a habit that many people cultivate at a tender age. 

Reason #2: Masturbation is pleasurable and it serves as outlet for sexual pressure where marital conjugation is not possible; hence the difficulty in overcoming the habit. In fact, it is easier to overcome adultery or fornication by will power, but masturbation is a different story.

Masturbation is caused by the law of sin and death at work in Man, believers and non-believers alike.

Paul writes about his own struggle in Romans 7:15-24. He found himself doing what he hated. He discovered that sin is a force acting on human beings as long as we are alive; but then he discovered the way of victory to overcome his own struggle.

In John 6:57, the Lord Jesus declares that believers can be empowered supernaturally to live as He did (blameless), if we feast on His flesh and blood. This is a private Holy Communion given to enable believers overcome the force of natural desires.

There is, however, a problem in that the law of sin is active in us as long as we humans are alive. Thus we must die as it were to the natural life before we can be free from sinful nature.

How do we die to the flesh and compulsive habits? Is it by theraphy? No! Is it by fasting? No! Is it by self efforts? No! Is it by Bible reading or strong resolve? No!

All the above listed efforts at overcoming masturbation or compulsive habits are good and helpful but none of them provides a lasting result.

Many believers often find themselves falling over and over again into the habit after a few days of strong resolve or promise to stay clean. This phenomenon has led many people to conclude erroneously that masturbation is difficult to overcome.

What is the way out?

Get Keys to Purity and learn two most effective spiritual activities to overcome masturbation or any compulsive habits.

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