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Overcoming Masturbation, Pornography, Sexual Struggle, Addictions & Compulsive Habits

Effective Ways to Overcome Masturbation, Sexual Struggles & Compulsive Habits

Sex related vices like masturbation, fornication, adultery, etc, are the reasons many Christians are weak and not enjoying the power of God.

A large number of believers are struggling secretly with one sexual sin, compulsive habit, or addiction either in the physical realm or in the dream world; and the effect is that many are weak spiritually and unable to enjoy uninterrupted fellowship with God.

Powers of darkness on the other hand take advantage of believers’ weakness to rob them of God’s blessings; hence many Christians are plagued with one problem or another.

Spiritual weakness plays out in many different forms in the lives of Christians. For example, masturbation, having sex in dreams, uncontrollable sexual desire, or eating in dreams, are clear indications that the believer is weak and may be a target of evil spirits.

In their quest to overcome sexual struggle, especially masturbation, some believers subject themselves to constant fasting and prayers, and in some cases to all manner of man-made programs, hoping that by so doing they would experience victory over the flesh.

Although prayer, combined with fasting, is an important spiritual exercise that can help keep the body in check, but many believers soon discover that the effect is not far reaching.

Of all compulsive habits that keep many people in bondage to the sinful nature masturbation is by far the most difficult to overcome naturally - if not impossible. There are two reasons for this assertion.

Reason #1: Masturbation is the first sexual experience that many people started to indulge from their teenage years.

Reason #2: Masturbation is pleasurable to man and serves as outlet for sexual pressure where marital conjugation is not possible; hence the difficulty in overcoming this natural phenomenon. In fact, it is easier to overcome adultery or fornication by a sheer will power, but the story is different for masturbation.

If masturbation is a product of natural phenomenon, does it make it right for Christians? No!

Once started, it is almost impossible to overcome masturbation - especially if the person is unmarried. Yet, there are divine provisions from God to guarantee believers' freedom from sinful nature.

There are two fundamental truths about the Christian faith that many believers do not know, hence the prevalent ignorance of God's provisions to enjoy freedom from sinful nature.

The first divine provision to overcome any compulsive habit, including masturbation, is the Cross of Jesus.

There are two types of Crosses mentioned in the Bible; one is the Cross of Jesus and the other is the Believer's cross. The Cross of Jesus refers to the Cross the Lord Jesus bore for Man (Luke 22:42-43, 1 Cor. 1:17).

Like the name of Jesus with which we approach God, and the blood of Jesus that serves as believers’ security against God’s wrath and Satanic attacks, the Cross of Jesus is also an objective blessing. It is the means by which God wants and expects believers to deactivate the sinful nature. Believers who know this truth and appropriate it enjoy freedom from sinful nature and, by extension, all compulsive habits.

The Cross of Jesus is the means by which man can die as it were to sinful nature without being dead!

The Cross of Jesus is objective, and it is different from the cross that each believer is called to carry (Matt 16:24).

The above stated truth is fundamental to the Christian faith. The early Church believers knew this truth and availed themselves of the reality it conveys.

To reject this truth is to reject God's provision for freedom. Lack of knowledge of this fundamental truth is responsible for spiritual weakness of many believers - which is also affecting the Church at large.

The second divine provision is the Word that became Flesh. The Word that became flesh does not refer to the Bible. Granted, the Bible plays a prominent role in the Christian faith, but Scriptures are not the WORD that became flesh. The Lord Jesus Christ is the WORD that became flesh.

The Lord Jesus remarks in John 6:53, that divine life is activated by feasting on his flesh and blood. The Word that became flesh, once again, does not refer to Bible reading. Feasting on the flesh and blood of Jesus is the most practical way to activate divine power in man.

The statements of the Lord Jesus in John 6:48-57 do not refer to what the mainstream believers call "Holy Communion." It is a Private Feast that every believer is expected to observe.

In the Old Testament, God instituted seven different feasts for Israelites. The feasts are: Feast of Tabernacle; Feast of Festival, Feast of Passover and four other feasts. Each of these feasts was to commemorate certain landmark event in the history of God’s people.

When the Lord Jesus began His public ministry, however, He told the Jewish people of His time that only one feast was, and still is, necessary to activate the divine life which He came to give man, John 6:48-57.

In the early history of the Church, believers in Christ understood the numerous feasts and their purposes. It is in light of this fact that the early century believers availed themselves of the popular feast that we refer to as “Holy Communion.”

Private Feast is not "Holy Communion" but for the sake of introduction, this article adopts the terminology.

Facts about Holy Communion:

1. There are seven different purposes of Holy Communion. (Five are positives, while two are negatives)

2. There are seven different ways to prepare and serve "Holy Communion."

3. Individual believers can prepare and eat "Holy Communion" in their homes.

4. Private Feast, when prepared and served correctly, is a sure way to activate divine power and experience freedom from compulsive habits.

The eBook, Keys to Purity, contains a step by step guide on how to appropriate and enjoy these two little known divine provisions.
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