Overcoming Masturbation, Pornography, Sexual Struggles, Addictions, & Compulsive Habits

by Faithful Joel Publications

Secrets to Purity (eBook pdf)

There are many adults in the Christian fold between the ages of 18 and 55 who are struggling with at least one compulsive habit, especially masturbation. And a lot of young people join the fold on a daily basis. More than eighty percent of believers who masturbate are perplexed by the phenomenon. Some have given up the struggle, concluding that masturbation or their own personal addiction is impossible to overcome. The effect is that many believers are weak and unable to enjoy or manifest the power of God.

The eBook, Secrets to Purity, explains how to break any compulsive behavior with a combination of unleavened bread and a simple but overlooked spiritual exercise. The spiritual activities explained in the eBook are not based on rules (dos and don'ts) or therapy. The activities are simple and more effective than fasting. Fasting is a good spiritual exercise to tame the flesh, but anyone who struggles with masturbation or any sex related problem knows that fasting helps but a little.

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