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Come to My Door, Book 2 of The Alpha God

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Charlie always swore she’d go out with a bang!

But it isn’t her time, at least not in Kal’s eyes. Questioning her survival, Charlie learns that the godly ruler brought her back from death. Charlie refuses to believe it, until she witnesses it for herself.

Although Charlie isn’t ready to face the truth behind Kal’s actions, they continue their dangerous and secretive affair. Their relationship grows deeper, triggering more than just new feelings. All signs are pointing toward change, but Charlie focuses on what happened to Starr, her only surviving crewmember. To her horror, Starr has been taken by the other surviving group of Earthlings, who are on Serrato, and will be auctioned off into slavery. Charlie hastens to put together a team in hopes of rescuing Starr from a prison on one of Serrato’s moons.

But can Charlie make it in time before Starr is sold and lost forever? And will she be prepared for what changes will come to Kal, herself, and even the future of Kander?

This book contains g!p material* as well as intimate scenes not suitable for any reader under the age of eighteen. G!p is an abbreviation for "girl penis." Check the author's blog to learn more about F/F Omegaverse and related terms like g!p and fempreg.

Genre: Sci-fi Erotic Romance
Tags: F/F Omegaverse, G!P, Cliffhanger
Words: 52,000 words
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Customer Reviews


4 months ago

Just keeps getting better.

I love this book. I love Kal and I love Charlie. I’m totally addicted to this series and these characters. I love the dynamic between Charlie and her sister Raine. It’s great to see them reconnecting.

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