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Cassidy LLC What to Do With a Broken Cast Shoe with Hopping (HD 1920X1080)

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Cassidy's BFF coaxes her out on a beautiful Spring Day even though she is not thrilled about gimping around on a full leg cast. She's ditched her crutches for a cast boot but she's still not comfortable with it. Aside from being a different color, heel size and having her long toes sticking out of it, she's doesn’t feel it's that steady. But her friend blows her off and says they should walk for exercise on such a beautiful day. Cassidy still feels unsteady on it but her friend tries to cheer her up, goofing around and sticking things to her fiber cast and exposed toes. Cassidy feels there is something funny about her cast shoe though and they find a seat where she can pull it off to examine it. Lo and behold the entire rubber sole has come off due to the friction on it as Cassidy gimped kind of dragging it along to the side, she's now walking on basically a cardboard bottom. Meanwhile her friend plays with Cassidy's exposed toes and tries to reassure her. She puts the cast shoe back on her and they go back to try and find the rest of the shoe. Eventually they find it but it’s a total goner and poor Cassidy has what’s left of the cast boot pulled off and is must hop all the way home on her good leg so as not to destroy the cast or her poor exposed toes. Good storyline, pretty toes and nice closeups, gimping and hopping make this one a "must see".

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