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Neena LLC Cheerleader Crutching and Gimping in Daisy Dukes, Red Dress, Cowboy Boot, Cast Talk and Foot Play (HD 1280x720)

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Cheerleader Neena broke her leg badly doing a basket roll, but she needs to keep up appearances. That means looking good *all the time* and crutching around campus in a bright red dress and one sexy high wedge platform heel. no doubt her athletic and acrobatic skills help her navigate the stairs, ramps, wall climbing and bleachers she has to deal with in this clip. And you'll see why she has to wipe off and massage her toes , because she uses her vulnerable little bare piggies to walk at times, even on sharp gravel stones! She is not a stranger to orthopedics either, as she explains about the med cast boot she had to wear some years back. Great closeups of her cute curly toes! Texas gal Neena likes walking around in cowboy boots even if she can only wear one in her llc. She must content herself with a pink cast boot with a gaping opening on the front that collects dirt and dust between the fat little toes of her wide casted foot and between her sole and the bottom of the cast. That's why she must constantly stop while crutching and clean off her vulnerable toes -- affording some nice closeups of her dusty casted foot (and her bog boobs) as she struggles along on crutches. She talks about her casting experience between her toe rubs.
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