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Digging Deeper AI narrated audiobook

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Sam strives for acceptance at a diamond mine but the rebels have other ideas

It’s 1998 and geologist Sam Harris is so desperate for money, she takes a job in a tinpot mining company working in war-torn Tamazia. The rebel ceasefire is holding, but only just, and she is horrified to be shipped out from the capital to a remote camp.

Working in Gemsite was never going to be easy with its culture of misogyny and corruption, but the project is full of landmines, both real and metaphorical. Her boss, the notorious Adrian Black, is engaged in a game of cat and mouse with the government over taxation, and her colleagues are trying to force her out.

After Sam makes a breakthrough at work, she hopes to finally get accepted by her peers. But when the situation takes a sudden turn for the worse, her lack of allies puts her in mortal danger.

Can she survive the consequences, or will she succumb to her fate?

Digging Deeper is the sixth book in the riveting Sam Harris Adventure series. If you like Indiana Jones, you'll love this exciting adventure with realistic storylines, set in an exotic location before modern technology.

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