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Fringed Fly Veil

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PLEASE READ: I need 2 measurements to make this veil for your donkey (mule, horse). Please send me the measurements and your color choices within 24 hours of ordering. Color choice pic and Contact info below. 

We typically need multiple strategies when fighting the summer fly season. Some years more than others. I fight flies with my Fly Repellent Salve, DIY Fly Spray (for the donkeys who allow it) and with these to put on fringed fly veils.

Donkeys typically accept them easily and they really help keep flies out of their eyes! 

I've experimented with multiple materials to make these. Different yarns, closures, this style (braided) and material (paracord) works the best for my rowdy herd of boy donkeys! 

NOW Available: Poll Clip Option. This feature was a request by a lady who had a donkey that would not tolerate anything slipping over his ears. Here is her testimonal:
Received my clip on fly veil yesterday in the mail.  Best thing since sliced bread.  In the 4 years I have had my BLM burro I could never get a fly mask on him…turn his head, back away, etc.    Today I spent 2 minutes getting him to touch it and rub him with it.   Zero reaction so I thought…go for it.   Clipped it on…easiest thing ever. I forgot to add I did it at liberty!  Thank you. ~Andi D

How could I not offer it as an option after that! 

🌟Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for me to make and ship your order. Once ordered, contact me at or txt 423-400-7046 with measurements and color choices.

⬇️Watch this video for instructions on how to measure!

Video For Measuring 

Color Choices: 

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