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Natural Sarcoid Treatment Plan PDF using Herbal Products and Essential Oils

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This is the 100% all natural treatment I used to treat my donkey Clyde's sarcoids.

He had 2 on his chest. Using this protocol he was sarcoid free in a few weeks and has been sarcoid free for almost a year now (its Aug, 2023 as I'm posting this)

Treating sarcoids for equine can vary and this is only one of the many ways you can put together EO's and beneficial herbs to cause them to shrink and/or fall off.

This plan includes

  • some nutrition info to help healing (because health starts from inside with food)
  • then I go over the herbal products I used
  • the EO's I used.
  • And some extra stuff I did to help healing

I truly hope it will help your donkey if sarcoids are a problem.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file