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Natural Donkey Care Book 1: Donkeys Physically

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Every donkey is different and no two farms are the same but all donkeys have the same basic needs; physically, mentally and emotionally.

This book is part of a 3 book series.

This first book will address the donkeys physical needs and ailments. Things like diet, hoof care and wound care, etc.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: About Donkeys Physically
  • Chapter 2: Natural Donkey Diet
  • Chapter 3: Donkey Shelter, Space and Fencing Needs
  • Chapter 4: Donkey are Made to Move
  • Chapter 5: Ailments and Wounds
  • Chapter 6: Hoof Health for Donkeys
  • Chapter 7: Donkey Dental Care
  • Chapter 8: Parasites That Can Affect Donkeys
  • Chapter 9: Vaccinations for Donkeys
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended Resources
  • Donkey Weight Chart
  • About The Donkey Listener
I have a "whole donkey" approach to health. It might be a little different but as you read through my natural donkey care books I think you will see the value in this approach. 

The second book will focus on the donkeys mental and emotional needs. Their environment, behavior and healthy training methods.

The third book will focus on natural health support for donkeys. How using essential oils, herbs and other natural alternatives can help donkeys be as healthy as possible.

No matter if you have riding donkeys, driving donkeys, packing donkeys, dairy donkeys or pet donkeys, the things in this book series can help you understand and support your donkeys good health.
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