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Donkey Care Guide: The Basics

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Are you considering a donkey for your farm? Maybe as a guardian or maybe for something more but have no experience with donkeys? 
This is the basic guide for what you need to know and consider before bringing donkeys onto your farm. This ebook is what I wish I could have had when I got into donkeys with no equine experience. It is not meant to fill you in on all the extensive advanced training and breeding details of donkeys but to offer an easy to follow guide to help you determine if realistically a donkey is right for your farm. Then to provide a base guide for buying the right donkey for you and your farm. 

Donkeys are wonderful animals that have worked exceptionally well on our farm filling many roles! But not all farms are the same! This small, to the point ebook, is meant to help give you plenty of insight into what donkeys need, how much they cost us per year and how they think before you bring one home.
Should you decide they are a good fit I have included a Bonus Donkey Buying Checklist to help you with bringing home the right donkey for your farm!
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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