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DONKEY BOOK BUNDLE! Get Both Natural Donkey Books!

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This is for BOTH of my Natural Donkey Books (book 3 coming in fall 2022)

Every donkey is different and no two farms are the same but all donkeys have the same basic needs; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This first book will address the donkeys physical needs and ailments. Things like diet, hoof care and wound care, etc.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: About Donkeys Physically
Chapter 2: Natural Donkey Diet
Chapter 3: Donkey Shelter, Space and Fencing Needs
Chapter 4: Donkey are Made to Move
Chapter 5: Ailments and Wounds
Chapter 6: Hoof Health for Donkeys
Chapter 7: Donkey Dental Care
Chapter 8: Parasites That Can Affect Donkeys
Chapter 9: Vaccinations for Donkeys
Recommended Resources
Donkey Weight Chart
About The Donkey Listener
I have a "whole donkey" approach to health. It might be a little different but as you read through my natural donkey care books I think you will see the value in this approach. 

No matter if you have riding donkeys, driving donkeys, packing donkeys, dairy donkeys or pet donkeys, the things in this book series can help you understand and support your donkeys good health.

The second book is about the donkey healthy training and the donkey mentally. Getting to understand how they think and why certain training methods work while others may cause more damage than good.

Here is a peek inside at the table of contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction pg.2
Chapter 2: Natural Living Arrangements pg.5
Chapter 3: Behavior pg.8
Chapter 4: Healthy Training Methods pg.18
Chapter 5: Building Trust and a Partnership pg.28
Chapter 6: Clicker Training pg.32
Chapter 7: Trick Training pg.39
Chapter 8: Why Liberty Training pg.42
Chapter 9: Ground Breaking GroundWork for Donkeys pg.47
Chapter 10: Intrinsic Training pg.51
Chapter 11: Putting together the Ultimate Donkey Training Plan
Chapter 12: Resources to Help pg.58
About The Donkey Listener pg.63

I love taking care of donkeys and providing what they need in their environment best I can. Its their mind and the way they think that is especially fascinating to me though!

My goal in training is first and foremost to give the donkey what it needs to live in this world without stress. My next goal is to train a companion.. a friend.
Then it's to train skills, or jobs if you like the term better, and see what activities that individual donkey enjoys. 

This takes more than surface training and old school theories/methods that have been developed for horses. 

Training with kindness, consideration and mindfulness. Training the individual, not just a donkey!

I will probably always be learning about these amazing creatures… but here is the book on what has helped me learn to approach training them best I can without damaging the relationship I want to build with a donkey. 

There's lots of outdated, misleading info out there today...

I was never comfortable with that whole dominance, aggressive mentally most horse trainers use and have adapted for donkeys.

I don't feel like it's fair to the donkey or correct. A lot of those old school methods and theories are becoming a thing of the past for new generations who want a companion and friend... not a mechanical robot without a thought or feeling of their own.

Equine are sensitive creatures that deserve consideration for their emotional state and their individual preferences. 

Nothing has taught me this more that all the rescue work I have done with donkeys. 

When I take in a donkey, I don't get a clean slate. I often get abuse, trauma and baggage from their experiences in dealing with unkind humans who mishandled them.

Even when I get a ‘trained’ donkey. They are usually so mentally shut down due to unfair training, there is usually no joy in the skills they know. 

I truly hope this book gives you ideas, inspiration and insight into the donkey and helps you develop training plans that are kind and fair. 

Benefial for both you and the donkeys you train.

Above all, I want you to be successful with your donkeys and I want donkeys to have forever homes with the people that choose these amazing creatures to be part of their lives.
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