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The Law of Attraction Mixtape

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Aeileon (pronounced illy-own) recorded 7 albums in the year 2007 and this was one of the mixtapes he released during that time. The mixtape is entitled "The Law of Attraction".

At this time in Aeileon's life, he was being pulled into the New Age movement, the Occult, Islam, Buddhism, etc. Aeileon began cherry-picking theologies from various religions and was even quoted as doing so in an online article in reference to a song Bizzy and Aeileon recorded entitled "You Don't Really Wanna Be Me". The author of the article thought he was quoting a lyric from Bizzy Bone when it was actually Aeileon's verse and vocals. He made reference that Bizzy was picking out parts of religion as if it was a food buffet or something along those lines. Aeileon reached out to the source to inform them that they quoted him instead of Bizzy, but was denied a response. 

Aeileon was always on a lifelong pursuit of truth and it is reflected in his music. The Law of Attraction Mixtape came about after the period of time when Aeileon was studying various religions and was lost. 

Aeileon, has recorded 40 Mixtape Albums, 39 of which were before his full conversion to Christianity. Aeileon, is now a Christian Recording Artist and Author focused on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Side note: Aeileon is Latino. His family hails from Latin countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. In Aeileon's earliest recordings when he spelled his name "illeon", he always had the ability to rap quickly. Some of his influences in Hip Hop growing up were Lighter Shade of Brown, L.L. Cool J, Kid Frost, Dayton Familiy, Top Authority, Cypress Hill, The Beatnuts, Big Pun, and Fat Joe. He also listened to artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Jadakiss, Bone Thugs N Harmony, 2pac Shakur, Ice Cube, DJ Quik, Brother Lynch, and more...

Disclaimer: All monies paid for this music is soley for Aeileon's vocals, editing, mixing, mastering and graphic design services. This material can be downloaded for free off and other platforms. Aeileon has never made any money from any of the contributing artist on any of the music released by Aeileon in the entirety of his music career.

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