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A Change of Heart

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When duty and obligation stand in the way of your dreams, which will you choose?

Carol is sorted, sane and very successful. Unfortunately she is also single but has convinced herself she is happy that way—living a high flying corporate life in Tokyo with a faithful little cat called Sappho, as her companion.... until she is forced to return home, to her overbearing mother's holiday resort on the island of Lesvos to host her best friend's hen do.

Nothing could have prepared her for what was to come, including being rescued from certain death by a gorgeous lifeguard called Lisa.

Carol soon realises that Lisa saved more than her life... but things rapidly get complicated as Carol finds herself torn between duty and love.

Praise for the book

"A wonderful holiday read."
"Sam does it again with a fantastic engaging story."
"I want to go there!"
"The warmth of the island, its lovers and friends will keep you turning the pages till the wonderful climatic end."

If you enjoy feel-good holiday stories like "Shirley Valentine" or "Mamma Mia" then Sam Skyborne's latest lesbian romance in the Lesvos Island Collection is the perfect book for you....

Will love win out in the end?

Note: This book was previously titled "Sealed with a Swim."

About this lesbian romance collection:

This collection consists of self-contained, standalone novels, all set around the same time, with overlapping characters on the Island of Lesvos. They can be read in any order.

Books in the Collection:

  •    Sealed with a Kiss
  •    A Change of Heart
  •    Eye of the Storm
  •    Sugar and Spice
  •    Amenah Awakens (Free taster)

  •    The Sappho Romance (Alternative History spinoff)

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